Inland Port

Inland Port – US Customs

Harrisburg is designated an Inland Port, specifically for intermodal rail shipments from the East Coast ports served by the Norfolk Southern Railroad. The benefit of this designation is that the shipping and receiving of international trade goods can be expedited by rail, thereby reducing the cost in time, fuel, and labor for shippers and manufacturers. The Capitol View Commerce Center is located:
< 1 mile from the Capitol Complex
< 12 miles from Harrisburg International Airport
< 9 miles from Capitol City Airport
< 2 miles from Amtrak Station

A Transportation Hub

Harrisburg can be considered a significant transportation hub along the east coast, whether you need to go across the country or link to places around the world, you can find a transportation method to get you there. Whether by land, sea, or air, Harrisburg has numerous shipping and logistics options.

by AIR
Domestic and International Air service available for passengers, as well as shipping companies, at Harrisburg International Airport (HIA) in Middletown (MDT) (11.48 miles from CVCC). Airlines service out of HIA/MDT includes service to Toronto as well as Atlanta, Detroit, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago/O’Hare, Washington/Dulles and Philadelphia with connections to International flights.

Pennsylvania Railroad Harrisburg terminal is located (1.16 miles) from Capital View Commerce Center with Amtrak service and connections to Pittsburgh to points west, to Lancaster, Philadelphia and New York to points northeast, to Philadelphia and Richmond to points south.
Multiple Freight Rail service lines operate in the Harrisburg area as part of Norfolk Southern and the city is considered a primary hub for freight. There are intermodal systems at the Harrisburg Intermodal Yard (3 miles north of Harrisburg), Rutherford Intermodal Yard (6 miles east of Harrisburg) as well as a classification yard in Enola, located west across the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg.

With an extensive interstate highway system surrounding Harrisburg, travel to major cities within Pennsylvania, across the east coast and all over the United States is convenient. Both I-76 (PA Turnpike), taking you Northeast of Philadelphia, and I-83, to South of Baltimore, can provide access to I-95 linking a direct route to all major cities along the east coast. In Frederick Maryland I-81 meets up with I-70 and a direct route West to Chicago and Denver.
Shipping by truck, including intermodal service by freight train, includes numerous trucking services based in the Metro Harrisburg area (Harrisburg intermodal companies include JB Hunt, Schneider, National and Hub Group) as well as carrier logistical services with Federal Express, United Parcel Service and the US Postal Service. Major regional distribution centers for FedEx (9.37 miles south on I-283) and UPS (3.23 miles off South 19th Street) are also located conveniently in the Harrisburg Area. US Postal Service distribution center is also located nearby, less than 3.0 miles north off of Cameron Street.

Captial Area Transit/CAT (Harrisburg) and Rabbit Transit /RabbitEXPRESS (York) – provide public mass transportation bus services. CAT provides commuting options around the Harrisburg region from West (Carlisle, Shippensburg and Mechanicsburg) to North (Enola and Linglestown) to South (New Cumberland and Middletown) to East (Hummelstown, Hershey and Colonial Park). Rabbit Transit offers multiple round trip services between York, Harrisburg and northern Maryland, with “park and ride” lot service available.

Distances to major harbors with access to freight carriers and shipping by sea include Baltimore (82 miles / 1 hour, 26 minutes), Philadelphia (110 miles / 1 hour, 50 minutes), and New York (172 miles / 2 hours, 51 minutes).